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Camaro, Taiga and Hellcat Project

Lithium | James Bay, Quebec

Flyover of Hellcat Claim

Project Highlights

  • 5.187 hectares in James Bay Lithium District adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals (PMET:TSXV) discovery
  • 28 identified high prospective pegmatites
  • At least 5 pegmatites identified in greenstone
  • Initial exploration program completed, over 87 assays pending
  • PET’s CV8 pegmatite, with samples averaging 4.6% Li20, is located 1,400 metres north of Infinity Stone’s property group


  • 5 pegmatites underlain in Rouget greenstone (amphibolite) similar to PMET
  • Initial exploration observed visible
    muscovite, tourmaline, biotite and
  • Indicators of LCT pegmatite
    mineralization underlain by rouget
  • 58 samples currently pending
  • Many areas of interest pending
    further exploration

The 5,187-hectare Camaro Lithium Project is located adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals’ Corvette Property, in the James Bay Region of Quebec, approximately 235 kilometres east of Radisson, Quebec and 245 kilometres northeast of the Cree village municipality of Nemaska. The Project has three property blocks, the Taiga, Hellcat, and Camaro, collectively covering 3,850 hectares adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals’ (PMET:TSXV) Corvette Lithium discovery in the James Bay Region of Quebec. PMET’s CV8 pegmatite, with grab samples averaging 4.6% Li2O, is located 1,400 metres north of the Taiga Project. The newly-discovered CV13 pegmatite cluster is located 1,500 metres north of the Camaro Project.

Fall 2022 Exploration Gallery

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