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Infinity Stone Ventures

“Searching for Hidden Gems to Power the Green Revolution”

Mission Statement

Infinity Stone´s mission is to be a one-stop-shop, single sources supplier for the critical energy metals being used in the clean energy revolution. Infinity Stone is meeting the demand from battery and wind turbine manufacturers, nuclear and hydrogen energy producers, and energy metals speculators by acquiring majority interest in critical minerals projects in stable mining-friendly jurisdictions, close to final use destinations in North American manufacturing hubs.

Key investment highlights

  • Diversified portfolio of 100% interest in lithium, copper and graphite properties in mining-friendly Ontario and Quebec.
  • 7 large LCT Pegmatites with historic grade currently being explored on Buda Project
  • Zen-Whoberi Copper Project well positioned with existing drill results showing significant mineralization of copper, gold, platinum, and palladium + 1%
  • Extensive drilling and exploration programs in place for Summer/Fall 2022 on three core projects
  • Government tax incentives and grants, including Canada 30% Critical Mineral Flow-Through Tax Credit
  • 43-101 and metallurgical work to refine to battery grade is underway on the previous drilling from the Rockstone Graphite Project
  • Current and projected deficits in the production of both graphite and lithium have resulted in a bull market for battery metals
  • Management team has deep exploration experience and been successful in raising hundreds of millions for projects over the past 20 years

Our Properties

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