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Graphite has been
flying under the radar.
But not for long.

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Graphite is critical to a green energy future, but the market hasn't realized it yet.

  • Graphite is potentially a better investment than Lithium.
  • China controls 99% of current graphite production.
  • Due to soaring demand, graphite is next in line to blast off.

We’ve all used a number 2 pencil with graphite, but most don’t realize that graphite plays a huge role in the green energy economy. Most people think of lithium-ion when they think of electric vehicle batteries, but those same batteries require 50 kilograms or graphite, almost 10 times the amount of lithium needed. In that sense, graphite is in high demand. Global capacity of lithium ion (Li-ion) battery gigafactories is on course to top 7 terawatt hours (11Nh) by 2031. That’s particularly impressive growth with the understanding that ten-year pipeline just crossed the 6 TWh threshold in April.

According to Benchmark, global demand for graphite will outstrip supply, and Credit Suisse stated that graphite could become a better investment than lithium. By 2050, green energy technologies will require nearly 4.5 megatons of graphite every year. But graphite still hasn’t gone mainstream and gained the attention of lithium, copper, and cobalt. Simply put, graphite is next in line to explode. This might be because most production of graphite is in China, and only now are countries like Canada catching up. China also owns most of the anode market needed for EV batteries. According to Benchmark, the flake graphite market at the backbone of this industry is heading for its first ever supply deficit.

Graphite’s use extends beyond pencils and batteries. It is used to make graphene, which is primed to revolutionize industries such as conductors and electricity. By next year, natural flake graphite and smaller flake sizes will move into a structural deficit. Anode demand is expected to grow by 27% each year through 2040. Right now, demand for batteries is just starting to hit graphite.

Graphite Stock to Watch: Infinity Stone Ventures

Infinity Stone Ventures Corp. (CSE: GEMS) (OTC: GEMSF) has amassed a large portfolio of projects in mineral-rich areas in Quebec and Ontario that can feed into the EV battery and energy storage markets.

They include PAK South, PAK Southeast, Taiga, Camaro, Hellcat, Buda, and Galaxy (lithium projects); Rockstone (graphite); Zen-Whoberi (copper/cobalt); and Thor (manganese). Infinity is actively advancing Taiga, Camaro, Hellcat, Galaxy, Rockstone and Zen-Whoberi, with the others pegged for future development.

Key Highlights

  • Diversified portfolio of 100% interest in properties in mining-friendly Ontario and Quebec.
    • Lithium
    • Graphite
    • Copper, Cobalt, Nickel
    • Manganese
  • 28 highly prospective, pegmatite dikes located adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals (PMET:TSXV) Corvette Lithium Discovery in James Bay, QC
  • Strategically positioned in key North American Battery Metal Jurisdictions
    • James Bay Lithium District, QC
    • Quebec’s Battery Valley
    • Thunder Bay, ON
  • Catalysts for growth with active drilling and exploration
    • Camaro/Hellcat Lithium Project -> Assays Pending, Geophysics Q4 2022, Drilling Q1 2023
    • Galaxy Lithium Project -> Assays Pending, Geophysics Q4 2022, Drilling Q1 2023
    • Rockstone Graphite Project -> Drilling beginning November 2022
    • Zen-Whorberi Copper Project -> Assays Pending, Geophysics Q4 2022, Drilling Q4 2022
  • Conducive macro-economic climate
  • Current and projected deficits in the production of both graphite and lithium
  • Management team has deep exploration experience and been successful in raising hundreds of millions for projects over the past 20 years
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Rockstone Graphite Deposit

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Infinity Stone’s Rockstone Graphite Deposit covers approximately 785 hectares 50 kilometres west of the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Claims comprising the property (28 core cells and 10 outlying cells) have paved/gravel road access with nearby railways and are located 50 kilometres to a shipping port.
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